Arild Rosenkrantz

He was born in Denmark and died here but spent most of his long life abroad – mostly in England where many of his works can still be seen. It is no wonder that he has been called ”a stranger in the history of Danish art”, and little is known about him outside a small though international circle of admirers.
A video has now been produced to tell the story of his life with many examples of his art, from the early works in the symbolistic tradition to the later striking, colourful images. On these pages you will find his biography and his inspired interpretation of The Seven Seals to Rudolf Steiner's text about the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse of St. John.

The Gallery at Rosenholm

Arild Rosenkrantz spent his last active years at Rosenholm, the magnificent renaissance castle near Aarhus in Jutland. The castle was built in the 1560's and has belonged to the Rosenkrantz-family ever since. At Galleriet next to the museumshop in the courtyard visitors can now see a large collection of Arild Rosenkrantz's paintings. Applying Goethe's colour theory he has developed a unique way of dissolving colour into light and creating images which seem to come from another dimension.

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